ABCs of Typography

Cover: Typographique Abecedarium We’ve seen what happens when our Digital Design students let loose their motion graphics mojo on the subject of Typography. But what about the Print Designers?

Generally, Digital Design students are given assets to work with to make a small book. In the past, we have worked with local award-winning publisher Simply Read Books. Simply Read Books has allowed us to use professionally prepared images and text for children’s books.

This class did a special version of the project, The ABCs of Typography.

The “special version of the project” spanned classes and even terms – the students created the basic assets of The ABCs of Typography in Typography class, and in the next term’s Print Design class, they all drew from that pool of assets to create the books, which were printed at school and bound professionally.

The results are simply stunning. They did an exceptional job of sharing ideas and assets and produced a great array of well-designed books.

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