Greatest Easter Egg Hunters, Just Did’R, And An Amazing Showcase

DD Easter Hunt Cards

Last night, April 16, 2013, VFS Digital Design put on one of the best editions of the DD Showcase yet. According to Senior Motion Design Instructor, Kyle Norby, the bar for work quality just keeps getting higher with each new class.

The evening started off with some awards for past events. First, came the awards for the greatest Easter Hunter. Digital Design decided to have a little bit of fun last Easter and planted small hollow plastic eggs all around the campus building, each one containing a different image of a staff or faculty member costumed in a suitably silly Easter-bunny type style. They then set the students out on a mission to find the complete set. The first three people (or teams) to find the full set won a prize. The tough part was, there were only 3 of one the images to be found. But even if you didn’t get the full set, there was always the possibility of finding the “wild egg” of Darren McQuaid, which promptly got you a chocolate bunny.

Greatest Easter Egg Hunters

Pictured, from left to right: Antonio Augusto Braz Dos Santos, Kayla Cherkas, Kyle Vandekleut and Craig Wilson

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