Vote for Kasey Lum!

Kasey Lum photo

Digital Design Student Mentor, Kasey Lum, recently started shooting video in the last couple of years after graduating from the Digital Design Program.

He tells us, “I still love creating motion pieces that aren’t film based, but I believe film and compositing is where my heart is. I hope  one day to direct feature films and continue shooting music videos and commercials.”

Kasey has submitted a video to a Sigur Rós Mystery Film Competition. The idea behind the competition is to create a video for one of Sigur Rós’s songs from their new album. The band chooses the final winner, but voting does help in the process of elimination.

To view the video submission by Kasey Lum and place your vote, go to his Direct A Video For Sigur Rós contest submission page.

Still from Kaesy Lum submission for Sigur Rós