Graduate Success : Digital Design Grad Teresa Chang

Teresa Chang

VFS Digital Design grad, Teresa Chang, has been working on a contractual basis for the last little while with the New York Blast Radius office, and now they’ve created a full-time Designer position for her! This is really great news — we’ll really happy for Teresa and proud of what she’s accomplished since leaving VFS. Needless to say she is very excited about the prospect of working for them and about being able to live in New York City!

Teresa is no stranger to oomph — she was one of Maggie Guo’s featured interview in her ongoing series Dragon Tales; She was one of our success stories coming into the full Digital Design program from the Summer Intensives Program; and she posted her own story on oomph about her work at the New York Blast Radius office when she was first hired on contract as a Production Designer.

Congratulations Teresa!


Digital Design 2012 Summer Intensive Redux

Still from Sebastian's Summer Intensive Motion piece

Last July (16-20) VFS Digital Design ran it’s Summer Intensive Program, and I sat in for a first hand look into the student experience. I soon discovered that the program was aptly titled — it was indeed intense — but it was also engaging and exciting, and a lot of fun. The students definitely got into producing their projects, and they also appreciated having the opportunity to meet and work with students who are currently in the full-time program (by way of the Digital Design SLAM, which mixed students at three different stages of the full-time program with Summer Intensive students, as well as with students from the Foundation Program).

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SLAM : Whoa! Nellie

Slide for Dgital Design Slam Juy 20 2012

Today, the Summer Intensive students joined with the rest of Digital Design students and Foundation students to participate in SLAM, a regular event at VFS that places students into teams to compete against each other by creating a campaign for an actual client. This time the client is Vancouver Bike Shop Whoa! Nellie.

Slide describing the Target Audience
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Digital Design Summer Intensive : Superhero Super Work

Superhero Emblems Jimena

Day 4 of the Summer Intensive started with Senior Instructor Myron Campbell introducing himself, showing some of his incredible work, and giving the students an overview of the full Digital Design Program, including some amazing examples of work by former students from the three main streams: Communication Design, Motion Design and Interactive Design. The Summer Intensive students have been focusing their efforts on Motion Design, but they were interested in a fuller picture of the program. Some stuck around afterwards for a more informal Q & A with Myron — and from the tenor of the discussion, it looks like we might be seeing more of them in the future. From the way they’ve been devloping their projects over the last intense 4 days, it’s clear that they’re as committed to learning the necessary tools and techniques as they are in having fun with them.

Superhero Pose Melissa
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Digital Design Summer Intensive : To know the Brand, become the Brand

Green Screen Superhero Pose 01

The Digital Design Summer Intensive continued today with students getting guidance and direction from Digital Design’s Digital Media Specialist Danny Chan and Senior Instructor Kyle Norby for video shooting their superhero/villain poses against a Green Screen. Danny Started off with some basic information about Green Screen techniques and technology, and made recommendations for clothing colour, set lighting, and camera framing. He also included some good tips, such as the virtues of using Video cameras over SLR cameras for shooting Green Screen.

Danny Chan gives student's guidance and advice on shooting Green Screen

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