Digital Design Talks : Review

Still from Surface Presentation

Digital Design Head of Department, Miles Nurse, said it best after the latest edition of Digital Design Talks: the bar has been set very high. It was truly an awe-inspiring evening. Each presentation represented the theme Layered Experiences perfectly, iterating it in different ways, while showing correspondences in each case.

Digital Design students, Ryan Ali, David Calderon Navarro, Ivan Aguilar, Alejandro Davila, with sound design by Logan Smith, and with critical technical assistance by Colin Gray, presented their Projection Mapping Project Surface.  This amazing piece of work was a grand collaborative experiment conducted by the team over a number of months outside of any specific program requirement, but wholly in the spirit of the program’s principles.

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Digital Design Talks : Layered Experiences

Digital Design Talks: Layered Experience Poster

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 4:30 in the Main Theatre at 420 Homer, we present another edition of Digital Design Talks. This time the theme is Layered Experiences.

As Head of Department, Miles Nurse, says: “The demands of the entertainment brand universe is ever expanding, so by understanding how installations, interactive, social, and game systems work together, students will be able to provide consumers with experiences that offer greater value and context.”
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