The Animator’s Survival Kit – Is it really just for animator’s?


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Speaking as a designer, I think we’re all animators at some point — we might not want to do it specifically for a living, but we somehow still manage to find ourselves dealing with it. The concept of “Stretch and Squash” was just words to me about a year ago until I picked up The Animator’s Survival Kit By Richard Williams. Now a year later, it is the concept I live by.

We all look at animators as people who posses a unique skill set. Well isn’t that all of us, really? I am by no means saying that animating is easy and everyone can do it — What I’m implying is that at some point in our professional lives we are apt to deal with it in some way or another. It’s a question of how deep you want to get into it, to make any of your projects have a little more life. It’s a building block in all of our designs or projects.
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