What’s the Big Idea? — Our Experience So Far

From (Left to Right, Back to Front): Kyle Vandekleut, Bill Sun, Scott Dutertre, JK Shin, Macarena Poo, Breanne Jansen, Cesar Velazquez.

Term 3 is now well underway for us DD26′ers and, with that, we find one area demanding our attention more than anything else.

Throughout the first four months of our year at VFS we heard frequent mention of the “BIG IDEA” project that we would soon encounter. At that time, it was just another one of the many exciting things to come! Now in the midst of it, however, “exciting” probably wouldn’t be the adjective of choice for most of my classmates (see: demanding, challenging, stressful, etc.). But, all things considered, there is definitely light at the end of that tunnel.

Much like how training wheels provide stability and safety for someone new to riding a bike, so too do our instructors — Gagan Diesh & Tiffany Hamilton — provide that network of support and guidance, particularly when learning to work with real clients.

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What’s the Big Idea?

What's the Big Idea?

In the Big Idea class, Digital Design students are introduced to real world project workflow. They work on developing meaningful experiences for a target audience by creating campaigns that potentially have long lasting positive impacts.

The project is about using information design to transform unpalatable data points into narratives and visualizations that actually mean something to people. The students conceptualize campaigns and deliver integrated design experiences using multiple platforms. It is one of the touchstone projects of the year at VFS.

In 2011, students Paul Belen, Luis Francisco, Felipe Dos Santos, and Tamish Aswani created a massively successful anti-bullying video called Cyber Aware, which went viral, getting over 6,000 hits on youtube alone.

The 25th Digital Design class tackled this challenging project with their trademark gusto. The following groups each took on different briefs:

Signature7 — Ismael CosioChris ChanJaime Ugarte, Craig WilsonMatt CoadyNatasha Tentes and Seerat Bawa 

When It's Gone
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The Blast Light Features Digital Design Students’ Sucessful Big Idea

Screenshot from The Blast Light Profile of Digital Design Students Campaign

Students in the VFS Entertainment Business Management program produced a great video for the web series, The Blast Light, profiling Digital Design‘s Bhoomika Dutta, Grigor Cheitanov, Novita Prasetia, & Michael Qin, who worked under the guidance of VFS Instructor/Client Proxy Tiffany Hamilton and Industry Support/Client Proxy Gagan Diesh in the Big Ideas class to develop a campaign for The World Kindness Concert (Brock Tully, founder, and Jeanette O’Keeffe from MoonCoin Productions). The team’s Pass It On campaign so impressed their clients that they immediately implemented their ideas.

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Digital Design Students Help Pass It On for World Kindness Concert

During the course of their third term, in the course Big IdeasDigital Design students are presented with the opportunity to partner with a local or international non-profit organization. Working under the guidance of VFS Instructor/Client Proxy Tiffany Hamilton and Industry Support/Client Proxy Gagan Diesh, students choose one of two briefs and build a campaign solution, which they present in class, and when possible, to the actual client.

It was possible for Team Click (Bhoomika Dutta, Grigor Cheitanov, Novita Prasetia, & Michael Qin), who presented their promotional ideas to Brock Tully, founder of The World Kindness Concert, and Jeanette O’Keeffe from MoonCoin Productions to help promote the Concert, which is happening Friday, November 16th 2012 at The Centre in Vancouver For Performing Arts.
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Big Ideas makes a Big Impact : Part 2

Peak Oil Team

VFS Digital Design’s Big Ideas course gives students the opportunity to utilize their well-honed skills while working closely with local non-profit organizations to give back to communities in need. Big Ideas gives our students exposure to real clients, so as to apply innovative solutions, meant to be easily implemented, to their challenging problems. It provides them with the chance to create designs that effect real change in the world. Over an intense two-month period, students in teams fervently work to create awareness campaigns, branding concepts, and inspirational motion pieces.

The creative process for this term’s Big Ideas course was mentored by industry veterans Tiffany Hamilton (Director at Arista Investment Group Inc.) and Gagan Diesh (Creative Director at DesignStamp). The clients were the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation & the Vancouver Peak Oil Organization.

In this post, we look at the brief for Vancouver Peak Oil Organization — in Part 1, we looked at the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation (SHLFbrief.

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