Studio of friends creates beautiful motion video: Understand Music

Screenshot from Understand Music

Digital Design student Mehdi Nowroozi recently showed me this inspiring video on Vimeo. Entitled Understand Music, it was created by a new studio called finally, which is based in Mainz, Germany (founded just this last year). This animation uses beautiful motion design principles and techniques to convey information about something its producers all love: music.

Finally studio was created by a group of friends, all designers who decided they wanted to work together.They show how incredible the work of a small group of friends can be in the production world. Utilizing their design, cinematography, animation, editing and producing talents, they’ve created a cozy and fun work environment where they can share their ideas and experience as a team.

It’s another reminder to our students how powerful networking can be and how their experiences here could even prepare them for starting their own studio after graduation. With the right dedication and talent, this dream can be realized into success.