Designer Helping Keep Brains Fit

Digital Design grad Leah Bancroft has spent the last two years using her design knowledge to help keep other people’s brains sharp.

Leah works at Fit Brains, a Vancouver company that specializes in, well, brain-fitness games. Co-founded by clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Fit Brains creates a wide variety of games designed to stimulate your brain and distributes them on sites like MSN Games, Yahoo Games, and Big Fish Games. The games use fun gameplay, tracking tools, and a friendly approach to keep you playing – and your brain healthy.

For Leah, who originally enrolled in the VFS Game Design program before making the switch to Digital Design, it seemed like a good fit when she was hired shortly after graduation. A couple of years later, she’s worked on the art and design of 25 games and couldn’t be happier.

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An Interactive Designer’s Reinvention

Foundation and Digital Design grad Tyler Egeto
Tyler Egeto‘s come a long way from the Prairies. The Foundation Visual Art & Design and Digital Design grad’s trajectory has taken him from, well, essentially flipping burgers in Saskatchewan to Vancouver, where he now works as a designer at visual communications and interactive design agency Mod7.

Tyler exemplifies an unsung part of the Digital Design curriculum – interactive design. So much more than just ‘design for coders’, it’s actually an incredibly broad, forward-thinking, and experimental stream that marries the technical and creative sides of design, with results that are often astonishing.

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Seedcamp Lauds Grad’s E-Learning Site

MEPI Digital Design grad Bartosz Barlowski has been busy since graduating from VFS about a year ago. His latest project: MEPI, a Polish e-learning platform and social networking environment. It’s actually an outgrowth of his final project in Digital Design, amepi video tutorials. Most recently, MEPI was recognized by Seedcamp as one of the 20 most interesting internet startups in the Central European region.

“Many people in Poland don’t have access to good education,” Bart explains. “The internet is now getting more and more accessible. I came to the conclusion that e-learning is not yet delivered in the right way to consumers. It’s not collaborative or open enough. Education needs to be engaging to keep one’s attention and encourage self-learning. I believe that when a student or teacher becomes engaged and inspired, that’s when education starts working the way it should.”

To that end, Bart credits his own teachers – particularly Digital Design Head of Department Sebastien de Castell, Eric Torin, and Jacob Tran – for their help, advice, and encouragement in getting the project’s original incarnation off the ground.

You can check MEPI out at (It’s in Polish.)