Packaging Projects by Class 30

We’re proud to share some recent packaging design projects by Class 30. They were completed for a course taught by Vida Jurcic, who guided the students through the entire design process. She covered branding principles, copy requirements, regulations, and guidelines for preparing files for printing. The results are stunning.

Descent by J.Y Lum


Teaesta by Jordan Barber

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Packaging projects

Check out these recent communication design projects by Class 27. They were completed for a Packaging course taught by Vida Jurcic, who guided the students through the entire design process. It is a collection of whimsical and sinfully delicious designs intended to attract attention on store shelves.

Rosquias artisan biscuits by Alejandra Porta

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Elegant Packaging

Digital Design students continue to impress with their charming and elegant packaging designs. The Packaging course is taught by Vida Jurcic, Principal & Co-founder of Hangar 18 Creative Group. The students build on their knowledge of branding gained from earlier terms, and are guided through a formalized process of designing a package, starting from the conceptualization stages, through integrating logo design and establishing the hierarchy of information, to building a prototype of the finished package. They gain the skills to create a product package that will stand out on a shelf. Have a look at the results from Class 24.

Agency Visit : Hangar18 Creative Group

Sign for Hangar 18

Students from the 24th Digital Design Class paid a visit to the Vancouver creative firm Hangar18 (not the infamous alleged location of the Roswell incident — although it is named after that mysterious place). Hangar 18 Creative Group was formed in 1996 by two graphic designers (including Digital Design Instructor Vida Jurcic) and a copywriter (Nigel Yonge).  Hangar18 has since grown in employees, capacity and accolades — but they are still small enough that their senior people can play a direct role with their clients.

The students were given some background and got a chance to have their questions answered by co-founder and co-Creative Director, Vida Jurcic.

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Good Things Come in Playful Packaging

Crazy Monkey gift packaging idea

Digital Design Class 22 were a very playful group to teach Packaging to, and this is reflected in the funky, quirky assortment of works they produced in my class. Colour, boldness and vibrancy was a consistent theme for them, whether the packages they designed were for whimsical children’s fashions and games, for sophisticated beer bottles and carriers, or for elegant tea boxes and distinctive juice bottles. There is a lot of character reflected in each of these designs, which were created in a way appropriate to the potential buyer and user of the product. Each design evokes a very distinct personality.